Frequently asked questions

Hi I want to order the eBook package, but can I upgrade later to print?

- Yes you can, just simply contact me when you are ready for the paperback. An extra fee will be required, dependent on the type of upgrade, starting at £50.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

- Yes I take a 50% upfront, non-refundable deposit on all orders.

Do I have to supply all my own images?

That depends, most of the time, no, of course not, I can download the images needed to complete the project. If they are from a stock site I do not use then you will need to supply them. I will not work with images that are protected by copyright.

How long does it take?

- Once I have started, it normally takes just a few days and then maybe a further 2-3 days to fully complete the design. Quick turnarounds can be done in less than a week, but intricate designs will always take longer.

How far in advance do I need to book, to get my book cover?

How far in advance do I need to book, to get my book cover?

What do I do if I want to cancel or move my booking?

- Cancelations are needed to be made 2 weeks before project starts to get the deposit refunded in full. Once project has started no refunds will be given and anything owning needs to be paid in full within 7 days of completion.

Do you take payment plans?

- No not as his time I do not offer payment plans.

Do you reduce the price on series covers?

- That is something I do offer, but all projects are different. On booking the full price will be confirmed.

Who owns the copyright to my book cover?

- All works in progress and completed artworks and book covers made by me, remain the property of Simply Defined Art.

I want a translation doing.. Can you do that?

- Yes I can but there is a fee.

I have seen a design I want, can you copy it?

- No I do not copy another artist’s work.

I have a series and my cover artist can’t fit me in, can you help?

Yes! But please keep in mind, Although I will NOT copy another artists work.. I will do my ery best to make the desingn wok with the current series design.

I want a unique logo, can you help?

- Absolutely ;) All branding is unique and made to fit the author/client that hires me.

How long does branding take? I need it for a book event next month.

- Once started it will take a few days to complete, leaving time for any tweaks necessary, it should be no more than a week.

I have no idea what I want for branding, can you help?

- Absolutely. I will talk to you, get to know you... And we will go from there

If I get the digital branding now can i upgrade to the Author branding later?

- Yes, you will just need to pay the difference in packages. (£90)